Friday, November 20, 2009

Breathe out...

This... is not just physical. there's something under that, bubbling and sizzling. igniting untamed passion. the kind of passion that has you in a daze, all you see is your angel and the only thing that matters is making your angel feel like they've found heaven. make them siiiigh with happiness & exhaustion. my angel, 1 mention of your name, my heart swells and the butterflies are released. bolts of electricity hit the nerve endings in my spine when your long eloquent fingers gently brush my shoulder. the electricity explodes into my stomach when those fingers touch my face. those fascinating eyes dancing with excitement & the allure of what's coming next. love songs escape my throat, my voice heavy with lust but backed by something much deeper then the simple carnality of relations. no rap this time baby. its time to get serious.

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