Monday, November 23, 2009

mind sex

I love this feeling. You feeling me. Slow and steady, you know the right things to say. Slick mouth wit a sharp tongue. Getting me open, making me want more. i call it foreplay. Just a tease of whats to come. Whats to come… is you. And me. And we. Now you’re right there. go slow baby, yea right there. Can you feel it? mine aint like the rest of em. I consider myself the best of em. Mine will leave you shakin and you’ll never wanna leave it. it will comfort you. Challenge you. Bring the best out of you. All b/c you can be you. You. Got damn you. Runnin past 2nd base. Now im not askin you to slow ya pace. I like this race. So keep going. I wont make you wait. Wont ever say stop. Come around to 3rd base now. Yea, just like that. The anticipation of you making it home got me… honestly a lil shook up. Not many have been here before, but once you there, best believe it yours. Damn I like that. I can feel u slidin in. perfect fit, no protection, just smooth sailin. Now just Go a lil bit deeper. Its crazy how good you make me feel. Now even deeper. Damn! This just cant be real! Come all the way in. all the way to the core of me. You like that baby? I can tell you want more of me. we try not to rush it, but its so damn hard to go slow. I cant say no. push your way in. work it baby. Damn I can do this for hours on end. Im lovin how you feel when youre inside. In tune. cant nobody mind sex me like you. You the best at what you do.

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