Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Black Murder Rates . . . Smh...

"African Americans comprised 13% of the United States' population in 2005 but were victims of about 49% of all homicides. . . Of the estimated 16,400 muders committed nationwide in 2005, about 8,000 of them were Black. . ." Now I know y'all agree with me when I say that is just utterly ridiculous. But listen to this. . .of those 8,000 murders, 93% of them were committed by a black offender and 77% involved a firearm. that means of the 8,000 murders, 6400 were black on black murders and 6160 were gun violence. About 50% of those murder victims were between the ages of 17 & 29. compare that to the fact that only 37% of all White murders victims were between those ages. Now what do we have people? We have a got damn shame. It's really a shame. We need to fix this nonsense. There's so much violence and killing going on in our own communities and it seems that we turn a blind eye to it until it hits a little bit too close to home. But even then, violence begats violence because most of the killings are gang violence and such. Revenge. Revenge is killing our black men, our black women, our black children. We obviously don't need anyone else to kill us. between the black on black murders, the drug addicts dying everyday, the diabetes and the AIDS, we don't even stand a chance for survival. Sometimes I feel like why should I even try? Why should I let these people know these stats and facts when they'll keep doing what they're doing regardless? I keep trying though because we as a race possess so much history and pride. We're flushing ourselves down the toilet with as much respect as a dead goldfish. And the whole nation is laughing at us. "Look at these poor little niggers. They blame all their problems on us, when in reality they're fucking themselves." What? Y'all thought that THEY was holding us back? Naw, NIGGA. That's you. That's all you. It's that dope boy standing on the corner killing his block with crack. Its that gangbanger shootin up any nigga or female he sees wit the wrong color on. It's that BOY out there fuckin anything he can get his hands on and leaving a trail of fatherless children and disease ridden mothers. We need to stop this. We need to lift eachother up. You noe them birds you flippin? That shit don't belong to you! You don't own none of that. You killing your own people because sumbody told you to. So what if you got new shoes and new clothes. You don't own a fuckin thing, homie. And neither do you gangbangers. That block you riding for? Naw, you renting that out till you die, nigga. Get it together. Die for your right to live. Die for a cause. Don't die for a color or a couple of blocks that the government owns. It's not yours. Its THEIRS. And to you little boys wit ya penis' all over the neighborhood, wrap it up. If it's good enough to bed, it's good enough to wed. Look at it that way and I bet the AIDS rate among young black females wouldn't be as high as it is now. Condoms are not that hard to come by, baby lambs. These problems keep me up at night. Make me soooooo sad. So what do we do about all this? Can somebody please let me know? And how much you wanna bet I get no responses to this blog?

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