Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Written Dec. 1, 2006

I've never been so happy to be outta that BULLSHIT called high school! Cuz that's exactly what high school is. Straight up bullshit. Every black female is running around talkin bout some retarded stuff like "Get on my level hoe" when they need to be talking about "Get on the honor roll". Our priorities are alllll messed up. So what if someone thinks they're cuter then you? Take after her and gain some confidence within yourself. It's not necesarry to talk about every black girl you see walking down the street. Handle yours and stop worrying about this clique or that clique or who said what about whom. B/c trust me, in the end, none of it matters. If it can't get you into a 4 year university, why do you even care what she got on? Instead of bringing eachother down, we all need to build eachother up. This is ridiculous. We're all beautiful in our own right. Let's not validate our own beauty by defacing the beauty of another. We call eachother bitches and hoes, talk so much mess about one another and yet get upset when a BOY does the same thing. (Yes, a boy, b/c a real man has no parts in any of this foolishness) Stand up for yourselves. Stop calling every girl you "don't like" out of their name and maybe these reatrded boys will stop doing it. You should be respected and viewed as a Black Queen, not that bitch from that 1 clique who likes to put her ass and titties on the internet. We're so much better then that. We are a strong people. A culture that fights for independence and freedom. Ignorance needs to stop, immediately. When we 'HATE' on others, its actually our own insecurities manifesting themselves in a manner that is unproductive and futile. who wins and who loses? Nobody wins, we all lose. While you're talking about her, she's talking about you. And do you know what it looks like? It looks like two jealous individuals preoccupied with eachother's lives b/c they can't get their own life straight. Real shit. Instead of devoting so much time to tearing someone else down, build yourself up. Read a book. Take up a worthy cause. Research HBCU's. (Historically Black Colleges and Universities.) Organize a BSU trip that will enrich and enhance your life. GET OUT OF YOUR BUBBLE!!!!! There are many more important things in the world that require your attention. Yes, I understand you probably want to build water pumps in Africa now. (Thanks Jay) That's all fine and dandy, but there is a lot more that needs to be done. There are 6 year old prostitutes in Cambodia, forced into sexual slavery by their poor mothers and fathers. South American immigrants in Mexico are being tortured and raped and beaten by the Mexican officials. And we all know we as a people are not given proper respect and courtesy as a race. We've got to demand our repect, take back our souls and never become slaves again. But how can we possibly expect anyone else to treat us with dignity when we can't even do it ourselves? And it's not like we're ignorant behind closed doors. NO! We're blatant and outright when it comes to our own impertinence. Turn on the TV. We've got our young black women having sex with their clothes on in music videos. All our males are worried about is their 'bitches' and the 'CAL'ILACS'. All we wanna hear and sing about is how far our chains hang and who's got the newest pair of shoes. And then you want respect? No. We've to change within ourselves before we even begin to dream about gaining respect from the world. Well kids, Thats all for now. How much you wanna bet only about 1/4 of the poeple who read this actually read this part. lol. Wow. Kia Jean is finished for now! Keep God First & everything else will fall into place. 1 Love

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