Thursday, August 28, 2008

& the rich get richer .

so I was @ the century city mall yesterday w. tina jazz & my kids. as we go into the parking lot, I notice lights above every single parking spot. either green or red. It takes me a lil bit to realize what the lights were. green for if the parking spot is empty, red for if there's a car parked. then I see signs @ the begining of each parking row indicating how many spots are empty in that row. ummmmmm, they NEEDED that? or could they have donated that million sum odd dollars to skid row residents & families? shit, they could just handed me 20 grand & I'd be cool. I've been wondering where in the hell all the money has been going. Its going to the rich to make them more comfortable & to make us more uncomfortable. dang. how rude! (word to Brant. Stephanie from full house aye? u fuckin dick head.)

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Anonymous said...

Many a time I have been running up and down parking lot aisles ready to KILL someone because they zipped into my spot right as I came across it. Let us not forget the Miata's that can also make a spot look empty.

One could argue that this ludicrous luminescence will save I am now free from the task of seeking out all the open parking spots in frustration. This can enable me to properly plan the most efficent route to an area where I can park my Ferrari.

By the way, I was referring about saving my own life though, I would never survive a parking lot fight with another angry bafoon........I weigh 10 pounds.

- Devy