Friday, July 25, 2008

bienvenidos a Miami

So I'm sittin on the porch of my hotel w/ ramie & nique, smokin a black cuz we had thee biggest joint of sum weed that I can't taste cuz I'm sick but it looks like oregano & gets me really high. We got Courvoisier & coca cola. A Balmy breeze is blowing the palm tree fronds gently. Cars drive back & forth, the occasional sounds of a trunk rattling & down south accents pierces the air sporadically. The sound of a motorcycle engine fades away & decresendos slowly. The sky is pitch black with gigantic puffy grey clouds standing attention beneath the low crescent moon. My lips are salty from the sea air. Across the street is beach with fine white sand & shallow warm turquoise water. My only complaint? That damn seaweed.

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