Friday, July 11, 2008


Call me a verbal assassin. Lover / fighter. I make peace (rarely) & start wars (occasionally) Extremely sentimental. I love all things animal print. 2 kids. If they woulda made animal print condoms, I'd have 0 kids. Born & raised in West Covina. Spending the rest of my life with Los Scandolous as my homebase. Not ya typical bitchass, bourgeoisie, frontin, hater ass WC chick. I'm an ND, a D!v@ till the death of me. I ROLL wit LA's loc'est. I'm certifiably insane. 51/50, straight up. Fuckz wit me, I dare you. I am not Christian, Muslim, Buddhist or Atheist. Me & God have an understanding. We understand that dammit, I like me sum Muslims. Haha. J/k. Jesus is my homeboy. He GETS me. I like that. I'm single, technically. I'm taken, basically. Currently an A student @ LA City College. Trynna transfer to UCLA. Majoring in Business Management. Minoring in African American Studies. I'm 3 yrs behind all my friends in school. Took sum time out to have my kids & get all that out the way 1st. This way, I don't have to take time out of my career to have kids! *clearly I'm an optimist. @ least in this situation* I fall in love easily, get addicted quickly, always see the good in people. I'm Kendra Jean Merrigan. Hate me, don't love me.

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