Friday, July 11, 2008


So I got this thing . . . A thing for emcees. GOOD emcees. All that passion. All that pain. Clever wordplay & smooth vocals. Like good vodka. Slides down easily & gets you in another zone. Its no wonder why he attracts me. Even though we'd never spoken, he's poured his heart out to me. His life on his songs, his songs in my head. I got him in my mind. Had never heard MY voice but HIS perfect cadence struck me. The man behind the music, that's who I'm trynna get. The man behind the music, that's who I just met. Passion. Want. Neccesity. Its like damn, how we NEED eachother & we just met? Desperation & elation then sadness when the nite is cut short. Or was the nite long & we just didn't take advantage? So now its "we gotta kick it"s & flirting on my Kick mixed wit real admiration for dedication he puts in. An artist to the truest sense, feel him on so many levels cuz when it comes down to it, I too am an artist to the fullest. It is what is.

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