Wednesday, July 30, 2008

R.I.P. Jasmine Sanders

Poor 8 yr old lil mama was shot & killed by her 13 yr old gang member cousin in Compton. The 13 yr old was shooting into a crowd outside Jasmine's apartment building with the intent of hitting a rival gang member. My people, this is us? We MUST educate our youngsters. The messed up thing is that anyone who hears this story is assuming the 13 yr old had no father, a young mother & was more then likely a drop out or close to it. Wanna noe what REALLY sucks? All that is more then likely true. Our children are killing each other off & we as a people are ok with it. We show our contentment w/ this b/c we continue to have kids out of wed lock, we continue to allow our kids to roam the streets freely, we continue to internalize the labels & stereoypes America has thrust upon us. Come on People! Wake up! We are Kings & Queens, gods in our own rights. Education is the key. Resist the temptation to "act like a nigga". That's exactly what they want u to do. More on "them" later. Peace God.

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