Sunday, July 20, 2008

the Other Side Of The Game

Long, weird, emotion filled, fun, TIU, back achin, no sleep, happy, joyful weekend. Sunday. 10:49 AM. Meadowbrook & Pico. (Of course I'm on that otha shit) tha otha side of the game is this . . . Reflection. My gain, but who's lose? The theory of a blessing is questioned daily regarding this matter. Game or real? Look. If u knew what I knew, you'd understand. Maybe its b/c I stay on sum conscience elevation shit. The metaphysical, atrological, physical, emotional. . . Y'all don't get it. The idea of destiny is debated constantly. Is it free will or is there a bigger force? Are we led to individuals to learn lessons or do we learn lessons b/c we force what was never infinitely divine & end up getting hurt? If we all truly believed that who we have is an Angel from the heavens, we'd all be good. Can't be out here bogus w/ sum1 so Godly. So its like this . . . I see what I see. Change. Progress. Sum1 is trying. Giving me what I request, by any means neccesarry. Peace. A soul satisfying, heart exploding, emotional high. Why try to kill that for sum1? If that's what it is, then let it be. It's out of ur hands now. Ride or fucking die.

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