Sunday, July 20, 2008

I'm Not Done Yet

Common got me ON. Sawwy. this here was made before we were born. We all have love in your lives. Whether it be friend, family, children, significant others. . . . As far as EVERY single person in my life is concerned, they're all divinely destined to be a part of my life & the same for me in their lives. My children are my soulmates. My Best Friends aren't my friends, they're my sisters. My family was set for me. My friends were set for me. My children. My naysayers. My haters. (If ur doing sumthing rite, there are haters) Male companions. All God given. What I get out of each relationship is on me. As far as haters are concerned, it motivates. Gets up me back on my grind. Don't sleep on my high. My sisters are my rocks. True love & trust. My baby girls are My Angels sent from Heaven to atone for my sins. True love. I believe in love. 1 woman for every man. 1 man for every woman. Some have been fortunate enuff to find that 1. Others are still seeking. Or waiting. Ummmmm. . . As far as men go, I feel like, if u noe someones inner most soul & are aware of the unspoken, then make that shit do what it do. If it's you & sum1 else, let it be u & sum1 else. Keep family biz private. The problem begins when the earthly hatin humans get in sum1's ear. Straight up, follow ur soul. If it FEELS bad, its bad. Time & space are inifinite. Sometimes the best gift you can give sum1 is infinity. Just sum advice from the mental of a mind elevation specialist.

& by the way, y'all need to cop that Nas "Untitled' & The Roots "Rising Down".
that's my whole thing rite there. those are the kids of things swimming around in my head @ all times. Peace. Love. Faith. Unity.

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