Friday, July 11, 2008

done for the day.

7.11. Free slurpees.

I wrote this shit in like Sep - Nov O7. enjoy

Disconnect, disengage. That's what I do to stay sane. Wipe my tears, try again. Keep it pushin, buy a pen. Write it down, get it out. Light a blunt, blow it out. In the clouds, in the sky. Life is hard. Why even try? Got 2 kids, they my life. But its so hard 2 not be trife. I do my best, it aint enuff. I need sum help. This shit is fucked. No help ensued, so I turned rude. I float thru life like I'm on snooze. A ghost on Earth, I'm all alone. I can't call u cuz I have no phone. A black girl lost, an eternal thirst. I pray to Allah that he find me first. But the Devil's prowlin, I can hear him growlin. Damn, he's got my throat now. And fuck, I'm drownin. Damn.

I really don't think its wise 2 piss me off rite now.

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